New Broadband Plan By FCC

After a recent survey the US communication disclosed the fact that nearly 18 million American people cannot access broadband from their work place or where they live, although govt. spent $ 4.5 billion every year to sponsor telephone services for rural household. That’s why they have introduced a new scheme for all over coverage by the end of the decade as the existing scheme seems to be inappropriate.

At the beginning of the year the Federal Communications Commission declared to introduce some changes to the universal service fund. They suggested that the inadequacies in the present scheme should be removed and the investment infrastructure should be revised. That’s why they have planned to combine extra fees with the customers’ telephone fees.

They have planned to associate the universal service fund with a largest program ever. This will enable it to back up the land line, High-Speed Internet Plans and the mobile broadband services. At the same time it will support the alternative services in the same region.

Customers will expected be able to use the facilities at the very beginning of 2012. It will enable the users to access high speed internet that will make their life much speedier than ever and enjoy greater pleasure when having on Comcast Cable TV Packages with smooth conectivity. The new scheme is expected to cut the problem down gradually.

But unfortunately the new scheme is not seemed to make every one satisfied. The American Cable Association has expressed their view that it might not be the best way out, because unlike the phone companies other broadband providers like cable may have to wait for a long time to receive that option. Other options could be Comcast Deals for those affected under the schemes.

The scheme is not yet decided fully because there are still differences of opinion about the scheme. It has been decided that the scheme will be put for re consideration on 27th of October 2011.