New Gift Cards For Old Apple’s Hardware

iPhone giant Apple has now decided for updating their Reuse and Recycling Program. In order to accept their old products such as iPads, Macs, iPhones and PCs they are now giving their customers a gift card as an exchange of that. As Apple declared with the help of which customer can easily discard their old displays as well as computers for recycling free of cost, even if they do not want to replace them with an Apple product then it is also valid.

The main aim behind it is to provide the user unused Apple System to their environmental partner PowerOn, who actually wants to reuse that. If your product feted the criteria of reuse then as an exchange of your item Apple will issue a gift card that will accept at any Apple retails or online stores.

Apple has also stated “If your device does not meet the requirement then Cupertino will recycle it for you for free of cost.” But only the item which listed above will qualify for the gift card.

So, if you wish to get rid of any types of unwanted monitor and computer of other brand then Apple can help with this as well. By working with the WeRecycle the users of Apple can call and get a free shipping label in order to dispose of that qualifying item. In an edition you can bring your old and existing Mac batteries to any Apple retail store for free disposal.

Similarly, like that program apple has already been officering a recycling program for their iPod since the year 2005, which gives its users 10% of discount toward the purchase of a new iPod.