New Simplified Nomenclature For Nokia And Samsung

Nokia and Samsung have finally decided to simplify the nomenclature of their devices and make life simpler for customers. The existing nomenclature, with all the combinations of alphanumeric codes, makes it extremely confusing for customers to remember. Further, the classification of devices based on features and facilities provided is not clear for a layman, although technically, they are grouped accurately. In order to make names and nomenclature user-friendly, Nokia has joined Samsung in simplifying it. As of now, Samsung is the second largest seller of smart phones and Nokia is in the third place. However, overall, Nokia phones are still the largest sellers. As per reports from Nokia, the change in nomenclature is meant to lessen consumer confusion. Although the existing devices will still be called the same, new launches will adhere to the new name classification.

Nokia’s new nomenclature system is to go all numeric. Devices will be allotted a number, ranging from 100 to 900. Ascending order of the phones indicate the complexity of devices. While numbers with lower numbers will indicate entry level phones, higher numbers will be given to more complex ones. The pricing system will also be fixed as per the number. This will enable customers to gauge the features and price of Nokia devices more easily. This new system of classification has been brought into effect from the latest launches which took place last week. Nokia has brought five new devices into the market, some of which are named 600, 700 and 701. These also include the smallest smart phone in the world.

They are equipped with Symbian and the processors are of 1 GHz. They support NFC. The nomenclature between 600 and 701 indicates that these devices are mid-range. These devices also have the best loudspeakers of all smart phones. On the contrary, Apple, which is the leading producer of smart phones in the world has been grossly criticized for pathetic sound quality. While Nokia has adopted the simple numeric nomenclature, Samsung has gone the other way and adopted a simpler alphabetical nomenclature. The latest phones of the Galaxy range are called labeled Galaxy R for Royal, M for Magical, W for Wonder and Y for Young. The other new phone is called Galaxy Y PRO and is meant for young professionals. Samsung Galaxy phones are also called S and P. The sub classifications will be called LTE, PLUS and PRO. The names of  iPhones are simple enough with the number indicating the generation of phone and intermediate updates being suffixed with the alphabet S.