New Transparent Carrier from Airbus Arriving in 2050

Transparent airbus

Airbus has released its design of a completely transparent aircraft. However, people have to wait until 2050 to see the model in real. This is the new concept plane from airbus and will be showcased next week in Paris Air Show. The design will be revealed amidst particulars of design. The plane has a glass covering and gives the effect of floating in mid air. The see through plane will surely capture the imaginations of every person on earth. How practically feasible the actual construction of the plan is will have to be watched out for. The place is packed with new technology and innovation regarding its glass membrane and flying capabilities.The body

The transparent airbus provides a full view of the vista around with the glass membrane covering the honeycomb kind of frame.  Although fully transparent, the plane provides a dimmable glass that can be used to control the transparency of the glass. For all those people who are scared of heights, this provision will be really helpful although it stands to reason whether all those people who are scared of heights will ever dare step into the plane. At the height at which the plane flies, transparent surroundings can horrify even the strong-minded daredevils.

Innovations in design

In addition to the transparent body, the plane will house a number of other innovations. According to the released design, the pane will be divided into different chambers for different activities like rest, play and work. By 2050, the necessity of economy travel will probably be put to sleep. The seat will be created to mold in with the shape of the users’ body. Further, the airbus will provide a complete spa experience with antioxidant and vitamin rich air and different relaxing spa treatments.

The future of aviation technology

According to experts, a completely transparent plane is a possibility and can be the future of aviation technology. Airbus has drawn inspiration from the bones of birds in order to develop a semi-transparent frame. Birds have extremely light bones, which help them while flying. The same concept shall be mimicked, possibly by 2050.

Transparent airbus possible?

Although this design is enough to tickle the most unimaginative person’s imagination, there are sufficient numbers of critics who doubt that such a plane can ever be a possibility. Air transportation in 2050 will probably require a new kind of fuel to make up for fuel scarcity. The plane is sure to fleece customers on tickets, which makes many wonder if this is another toy only for the wealthy of the world.