Next Generation Phone- Apple iPhone5

Apple iPhone

Apple changed the world of smartphones and touchscreen phones when Apple Inc. launched Apple iPhone in June 29, 2007. It has only been four years and iPhone has become the world’s largest selling phone. IPhone has grown tremendously in previous 4 years with the launch of four versions. Apple went from 4 GB to 8 GB versions and much more, it too planned CDMA- compatible iPhone for Verizon Wireless and the most awaited launch of iPhone 4 draw a lot of crowd. After so many versions of Apple iPhone5, Apple Inc. is finally going to launch the Apple iPhone5- The new generation cell phone.Apple iPhone5

In the beginning of July Apple will finally launch the iPhone5 at WWDC. It is in news all over the world and iPhone lovers are waiting desperately for it. IPhone5 is being carried out by top level executives at Apple Inc. This iPhone may have updates feature and a new hardware. The most important update which will Apple is going to install in iPhone is its Software improvements. The rivals like Google, Microsoft and Nokia (We can’t Forget BlackBerry) has better phone operating system.

IPhone5 Features – Media Speculations

Apple iPhone will be loaded with lots of new features, as it was expected. The most awaited feature which an Apple iPhone should have is a better camera but speculations are made that Apple iPhone may not have 8MP camera which was rumored a long time ago. Some iOS5 leaks suggest that there may be a 5MP camera on this new iphone. This next generation iphone will have a faster, efficient and a better processor. It may have a new sleeker design and a new improved touch screen panel.

Threat to iPhone5

As Apple’s operating system is concerned, this iphone5 has threats from the major rivals like Google and Samsung. Google’s Android has created raze among geeks which Apple’s OS failed to do so. Samsung’s Galaxy S2 is set to be launched which will give a tough fight to iPhone. The popularity of Galaxy S1 has beaten the sales of iphone in UK. So Apple is going to take of this thing and Tech Specialists believe that this new iPhone5 will have a better improved version of Apple OS than the previous versions of iPhone.


Apple is delaying the launch date of iPhone, it is being rumored. If it happens it will be a gain for Android once again but will iPhone5 be able to launch on the set date is about to be seen. The possession of dual core processors in iPhone5 is also being rumored. But as said every iPhone has a special surprise feature which can only be guessed for the iPhone5.