Nintendo Planning For New Console, Is There Any Demand?

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)
Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is being organized this week in Los Angeles, gamers from around the world are heading towards Los Angeles to attend the Expo, and there are countless new games which are to be revealed at this Expo. And we have news that Nintendo will introduce its new console.

What’s in demand?
Is there actually a need for new console, what does the costumers want? According to our news and data, gamers would grab almost equal number of consoles from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. So, there will be only a one fourth of the gamers that would buy the new Nintendo console, Sony & Microsoft will also hold the same percentage. So, in this situation, Nintendo has planned to unveil its new console, Nintendo confirmed this in the Tuesday press conference.

Microsoft and Sony’s Plan
Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is consistently attracting the buyers till now, as shown by the stats Microsoft’s present console of Xbox 360 is still in demand. So, Microsoft is not launching any new console in this E3. Rather it will introduce Xbox subscription TV service.

Sony is also not going to introduce any new console, it is focusing on it new Next Generation Portable (NGP).

Nintendo’s new console
As the Microsoft and Sony are not introducing any new console, the gamers who are looking for the new console will consider Nintendo’s. As the company previously announced that it show the playable model of the new console and the other feature of the console will be unveiled at the E3. So, the gamers must wait till tomorrow until its complete feature are revealed. The strength of the gamers who will actually buy this new Nintendo console will large depend upon the new feature which the Nintendo will bring in it new console, pricing of the console and also on the releasing time of the console.

Popularity of the New Nintendo console
If we have a look at the pre E3 popularity of the console, then from the stats of the pre E3 discussion about console was 22% of the Nintendo’s as compared to the 4% last year when Xbox introduced Kinetic add-on. More over the interest of the gamers in this console is also increased by the rumors about the new Nintendo’s console.

Today’s Nintendo is also going to launch an update for the Nintendo 3DS which includes a browser and an online store.