Nintendo pushes 3DS

Nintendo is preparing a lot of video games for the holiday season, so that they could catch up for the lost times from the sales delay of the 3DS portable machine previous year.

Nintendo Co., the makers of games such as Super Mario and Pokemon games, presented some of the newest games that are going to be available this coming holiday, featuring featuring glasses-free three-dimensional technology at a packed Tokyo event hall Tuesday.

The year-end holidays and the New Year’s gift-giving season are going to be a key test for the 3DS portable. Game businesses make up over half their annual sales during those months.

Analysts believe it cost the Japanese video game maker possible momentum when the 3DS  not prepared for Christmas previous year. The game did not sell until February in Japan, and March in the U.S. and Europe, which forces Nintendo to slash its profit forecasts by over half.

Totaling to the woes, the general gaming business, has hit the doldrums lately, as the early momentum wore off from the Wii and DS handheld, both become an instant hit from Kyoto-based Nintendo — partly because of a shortage of the hit game software.  However, it maybe also because of the advent of other portable entertainment, such as cellphone gaming and social networking like Twitter.

Yusuke Tsunoda, analyst for Tokai Tokyo Securities Co., was unenthusiastic about the promise for 3-D gaming on the tiny screen of a movable device.

Tsunoda noted that Nintendo also needs to initiate more 3-D games if it desires the 3DS to catch on, adding that there were no surprises in games shown Tuesday.

Nintendo just sold 4.32 million 3DS machines internationally.  When they first went on sale in 2004, they were able to sell around 150 million DS machines.  Outperforming the Sony PlayStation Portable, which goes on, sale just the same time as the DS the same time.

President Satoru Iwata featured video footage of games that they are currently developing, popular games such as Super Mario series,  which is going to be played for 3-D playing without the peculiar glasses regularly needed for 3-D TVs.

Iwata said the company was doing its best to please the gamers of the 3Ds.

Iwata noted the DS and Wii becomes popular with women — a characteristic he believed to think was unique for Nintendo products, distinct offerings from rivals Sony Corp. with its PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable and Microsoft Corp. and its Xbox 360.

However, he says the 3DS is not that popular with boys compare to its popularity for gamer women. He said that there would be a pink-color model that is going to please woman later this year.