Nokia 701 Has Got Many Expectations To Fulfill

Nokia being one of the leading brands in the industry of mobile handset is facing a tough competition in the type of smartphones they are producing and the price they are charging for that. So it is becoming extremely essential that they may come out with new and really ‘smart’ phones which will not be costing as many as they are now. In their endeavor to regain the lost grounds in the smartphone industry Nokia is going to have a launch of what it calls to be the best ever produced. So there is absolutely no surprise that there is a great deal of expectations as to how much the new Nokia 701 will give relief to followers of Nokia. If it lives up to its expectations then it has a bright future ahead. But if it does not, it can really be slammed to the backdoor as well.

The Nokia 701 comes in with loads of features but in the looks there has been very little change from the earlier ones. The corners being roundish it is easier to swap into your pocket and easily taken out, but other than that why should you be thinking of the looks and designs of the handsets? The little modification in design is often becoming monotonous to all Nokia lovers. The screen size is 3.5 inches which obviously is not close to the comparisons of similar one produced by HTC. But obviously when you talk of the quality in which it is build you are bound to have a good impression. The capacitive touch screen has got Accelerometer and Proximity sensor which is added to the Ambient Light Detector.

Camera is something where Nokia have never compromised on and the same case prevails here. The 8 mega pixel camera with dual Led flash is one of the best in business when it comes to taking  crystal clear pictures with every minute details been accurately filled up. The video recording also supports 720p HD video recording.

The audio quality is quite good but when you compare with that of Sony it is nowhere close either. Still for listening to your favorite tune it serves the purpose very well. The battery backup is also comparatively good where there is a talktime extending up to 17 hours as promised by Nokia with 1300 mAh Li-Ion battery. The in built memory is 8 GB which can be expanded up to 32 GB. All these features will be coming at a price of close to 19k in INRHTc.