Nokia Decides To Set Foot In Windows Mobile Market

Leading mobile manufacturing company Nokia is going to place its first foot step in the Windows Phones very soon. The giant manufacturing company is going to uncover its first Windows mobile phone expectedly at the end of that very year. But, unfortunately Nokia has not yet declared whether its satisfied customers will be able to get that new device before the holiday season starts. Reuters has reported that we are able to know about the new Windows Phone as much as the Nokia CEO Stephen Elop disclosed in a recent tech gathering in Helsinki.

It is been suspected that the first Windows mobile phone from Nokia is going to set its appearance just before the Nokia World Trade Show that traditionally happens in October 26 – 27 in London. If Nokia   introduce the new device in the Nokia World Trade Show, it will surely be the best platform for Nokia to set the appearance of the new phone but it will have another affects too. After the introduction Nokia will have a very short time to make the device available in stores for the buyers before the holiday starts. As per old traditions of Nokia they take nearly half a year after announcement to make phones available. But they reported that this time the scenerio might change.

Nokia CEO Elop thought that although Android and Apple iOS is prevailing in the mobile market, the new Windows mobile Phones are able enough to make room for itself. He also accepted that the market made by Apple’s iPhone impressed him. He said that the most fundamental interruption that the mobile market had experienced in or around 2007 was the introduction of Apple’s iPhone, which brought new set of experience for the users.

He has also informed that Nokia has set the Symbian Operating system as its franchise platform and set the Windows phone as their fundamental smartphone platform.