Nokia N8 with Symbian Anna Update

Nokia N8 Updated

Nokia being considered the most reliable and presenting the best camera phones in the tech world has updated their new smartphone N8 with Symbian Anna update. New version of Nokia N8 is expected to launch during next month.Symbian Anna Update

Preloaded with lots of advanced feature, Nokia N8 presently Symbian^3 version gets a new makeover in Symbian world by undergoing Anna Update. The further updates like Video updates will be present after Anna Update. It’s a new generation Symbian Update. As Nokia can only stick to Symbian OS, owing to its rivalry from Google, it can’t launch Android. So to please its consumers Nokia has come up with Anna update –a new range of Symbian smartphones.

More Updates

Nokia N8 is set to be launched with many new features excluding Anna update. It will undergo a video update, as it will record videos at 30 fps (24 fps now) streaming videos and auto focus. It will feature a stylish sleeker aluminum cover, efficient multimedia capability, Ovi store and latest Ovi maps which will enable one to access social networking sites as well as games. The software update will eventually bring new feature in N8. The most important feature will be auto focus, means our video will always remain in focus as the object captured moves away or closer to Camera. The new OS improvement will bring fresh and stylish icons, along with many usability updates like split screens while typing. A faster browser and refreshed Ovi Applications are most influential.

Smarter gets Smartest

The Nokia N8 sales will be boosted by their Anna updates. The Anna update is also being expected for E7 and C6-01, making once again Nokia a choice among consumers in the market where it is getting tough competition from Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone.

Enhancement in N8

The Anna update actually changes the way a phone performs. It will change the iconography of the phone and will give a more pleasant look and feel. Text inputs get improved as it gets a new portrait of QWERTY keypad. Moreover the most important, the security features are upgraded to next level. The better user interface and faster performance, all these enhancements will make Nokia N8, the smartest phone in the Symbian world of Nokia and all other brands. Is this new sign of the beginning of Nokia’s empire in cell phone’s industry?