Nokia Phones Now House Movie Watching Service

A new app has been released that will enable users to watch blockbuster movies on their mobile phones. The app has been released by the Scandinavian company specializing in online film service, Voddler. The app is specially created for the phones that work on Symbian platform. To watch movies, users need to have the upgrade of Symbian Anna. This app release comes in line with other movie watching services released by the company that are compatible with the Apple smart phones and tablets, besides being Android friendly. The app allows users to watch movies at anytime and from anywhere. Movies can be watched directly on the phone. Further, the screen of the device should not be a hurdle for running the app. It has been built to compatible for any Symbian mobile screen. The vice president of Voddler, Anders Sjoman, made the announcement and confirmed the usability of the app for all screens.

Further, users of Symbian phones can watch all movies that are usually available only in DVD stores. Further, the streaming is of high clarity. The library consists of more than a hundred movies that were so far not possible to view on mobiles. Head of Nokia Services of the Northern region, Christopher Joyau said that users can enjoy a lot more movies than before. On the whole, users will be able to choose from two hundred and fifty movies right now. However, the Voddler library consists of more than four and a half thousand movies and the app will be updated with new movies on a regular basis. As of now, the movie library includes successful movies such as the Harry Potter series, Matrix Series, No Strings Attached and Red Riding Hood besides a number of movies that are suitable for family viewing.

A number of children’s titles are also available. In all, the app is a highly comprehensive one and provides entertainment for people of all ages. Moreover, since the app will be regularly updates, users will always have a stream of movies to lookout for. Nokia has been one of the leading producers of mobile phones and although it still leads the list in mobile phone sales, it has slipped to the third position in the smart phone industry. Apple stands first and Samsung stands second in sale of smart phones. With the recent partnership with Microsoft, Nokia will bring out the first Windows phone in a few weeks from now, as per recent news release.