PC Players Finally Get Access To Battlefield 3

After the three days of exclusion the PC gamers finally can get access to the Battlefield 3. After giving the special treatment to those who pre ordered the game, the multiplayer Beta of the Battlefield 3 is become officially available for all PC, Xbox and Play Station 3 players. The PC players or the Xbox and Play Station 3 players can now play the game as soon as they download it from Xbox live, PSN or EA’s origin service on PC, as there is no requirement of registration.

The beta is associated with a map, Operation Metro and the game type Rush where there are two teams – one who will have to attack two M-Com stations and the other team will be the defending team, whose task will be to prevent them. The map will permit up to 32 players to play in a single match and it also includes $ completely unlocked areas.

There will be a second map too. It is called the Caspian Border and it will be played on some password protected servers. That map will permit up to 64 players to play single match in the Conquest mode. The password was leaked by a Community manager on the Official forums, but it was changed soon and although the new password may also be found on the Official forum, but as only two servers are sharing the map, getting in is next to impossible.

The beta will stay in the market till 10th October. Gamers of US will have to wait few more days until the full game, which the company has declared will launch on 25th October and the waiting will stretch for 3 days for the gamers of Europe.

Minimum system requirement for the game are: Windows vista 32-bit operating system, 2 GHz dual core processor, 2 GB memory, 20 GB hard drive, DirectX 10.1 Graphics card with 512 MB RAM, DirectX compatible sound card and DVD ROM drive.