Peter Cochrane blogged to bring us in light of our time being wasted on online time-waters

Human attention is very easily distracted and starts focusing on significant and trivial. And the world of internet has amplified this condition. People spend much of their time distressing over the range of pack of bacon in supermarket rather than buying house or a car. In fact this fact can be exemplified by our own lives where most of us our time is eaten away by non-profitable and non-productive activities.
Peter Cochrane

This is a common trend that always the thing least important is the winner. There are many events from our daily life which demonstrate this phenomenon like security, wherein the company time is afforded to email and firewalls keeping in mind the insider threat and where the amazing things happen like toilet doors color competes with the construction of new road. Another common fact which exemplifies the phenomena of wasting time on things which we should not and not paying attention to the things where we should, is wasting time in interacting and meeting people who we should have by passed in favor of those whom we should genuinely pay attention to and those who could be helpful for us somewhere in our lives.

Well, this scenario compels us think if this was the fundamental law of universe and humanity. And if we do not live our lives this way, we could not have moved and improved in any way. We do it while raising our kids in the way we run our education system or manage people. The reason behind this could perhaps be identifying things we cannot help and handing them to those who could be helpful or in extreme cases move on somehow. The reason is very obvious, why to waste time on things on helpless cases or those we do not posses skills for. Similarly social media has opened ways to interact but also has increased the scope of wasting contacts on unimportant contacts.