Playstation 4 – What Is The Hype All About?

The work on PS4 is on
Sony is bringing out its new playstation 4 and the device is already under development. After months of speculation and doubt, the executives of Sony are out with the final news that is sure to raise a cheer from game lovers all over the world. The playstation series has been one of the most successful and in-demand gaming console. The device is going to be called Playstation NGP. The news has been received amidst rising expectations although the previous version, PlayStation 3 has not been in the market for very long. The company executives have not made anything clear about the device since it is still in the development stage. However, they have confirmed that work is in progress.What will the features be like?

PlayStation 4 will have a new platform, which is the reason why research and development expenses of the company have taken a fillip. The new version is going to be handheld and portable. The new PlayStation 4 is going to be compatible with PlayStation 3. Since PlayStation still has a long shelf life left, Sony will look to utilize the advantage. The new version is sure to be based on the multibillion-dollar innovation of the Cell Processor. PS4 is going to have a life span of at least a decade. Nevertheless, as of now, being able to correctly guess the features from the sequel to the PlayStation 3 is next to impossible.

What to expect from PlayStation 4?
Naturally, the expectations of game lovers will only increase with every release of a new model. In comparison with PlayStation 3, the upgraded version will surely carry a huge load of expectation. Further, by the time the product comes for release, numerous innovations will have been developed, which is sure to make PlayStation 4 a much more sophisticated version. As per today’s technological advances, the PlayStation will most probably use Android technology over Windows. Blu-Ray is another feature that is sure to find a spot in the upgraded version. Higher internet connectivity and wider access are the features to which people will look forward.

When can you expect PlayStation 4 in stores?
Although work has begun on the upcoming version, its date of release is yet to be mentioned. Since the project is in the development stage, it may take months or even a couple more years. More optimistic experts are expecting the product to be in stores by the end of 2015. A late release will also ensure that PlayStation 3 can build a strong field before the newer version is released.

Why the sudden announcement by Sony?
The announcement about PS 4 came as a surprise to many because Sony executives have been denying any plans of developing the higher version. The sudden announcement is being attributed to the fact that Nintendo and Microsoft are both rumored to be working on a sequel to their previous play consoles. While Nintendo has announced that it will design and produce an alternative for Wii, Microsoft is working on its Xbox.