Police Finally Caught Those Thief Of iPhone 4 Prototype

Last year the entire mobile world almost got a shock, when the tech blog Gizmodo posted a full review of iPhone 4 with an almost full specification with pics and also a video footage before two months of the introduction of the iPhone 4. According to Gizmodo, they bought the iPhone 4 from two men in $ 5000.

After a year these two men are finally caught by the police. They are Brian john Hogan ,who is 22 years old and Sage Robert Wallower, who is 28 years old. Surprisingly after stealing a lost iPhone 4 and selling it to another authority they has not even appeal for any query against the charge of the offense of stealing lost property and selling it against them. From that behavior it is proved that they are not innocent. But the editor of the tech blog Gizmodo, Mr. Jason Chen informed that when they sold the iPhone 4 to them they said that they had found the device on a bar’s floor in Redwood Street in California.

The court has verdict that they should be put behind the bars for one year. The court has also announced community service of 40 hours and ordered them to give Apple $ 250 for the damage they had done to Apple.

After the device was lost and Gizmodo posted the blog, Apple desperately searched for the device and also the wrong doer behind it. They requested for a searched warrant to search the Editor Mr. Chan’s house. They got it and searched his house and police seized numbers of computers and servers.

Although Mr. Chan and Gizmodo were declared to be innocent very soon Gizmodo lost the Apple press facilities and Mr. Chan was forced to resign from the post of editor.

The two criminals Brian john Hogan and Sage Robert Wallower were allowed to keep the money , which they got from their deal with Gizmodo.