Police Uses Technology to Solve Crimes

The hardest problem that a cop has is to find evidence that would give them the right to apprehend a criminal.  Usually those who know something about the crime are the hardest to find since they do not want criminals to find out who they are.

The witnesses do not like the criminals to come back at them.  There are witness-protection programs, but getting that level of protection means your daily life will change.  In some special cases, the criminals are able to tract and hunt down the witness because the criminals got lots of connection form inside the police department.

Now, witness of crimes did not need to worry about their safety as they could alert the cops on various crimes without giving their names.  All they need to do is dial the mobile phone number, and cops will send their informant to confirm the tips they receive.  This way, the real witness, is far from danger.  They will remain anonymous even to the police department.  No one could know their real identity. Even those criminals who got connections inside the police force cannot get back at the people that gave them up to the police.

Wednesday, Clearfield’s police department and over 50 Utah law enforcement agencies revealed a new program, called TipSoft.  The system allows concerned citizens to send valuable tips through their mobile phones and computers without reveal their true identity to anyone.

Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff says law enforcement agencies got to keep up with the current technology in fighting crime.  They already got many agencies involved in the system, but they need to spread the word out about the system so that people will know that they are going to be safe.  Now, anyone living in Utah can send information about crimes or criminals by using their mobile phones.   All they need to do is to text in “CRIMES” (274637), start their message with and the  agency keyword and their messages.

For example, if someone wishes to contact the Roy Police Department, the tipster should start the text message with ROYPD. They could find out about the agency keyword at www.tipsubmit.com.

The system then guarantees an anonymous two-way communication between the person sending the tip and the agency without revealing the real identity of the tipster.

CEO of CrimeReports.com, Greg Whisenant claims that they do not even have access to the real identity of the person.

South Ogden Police Chief Val Shupe says this makes it possible with concerns in their neighborhood or have drug problems next door, but does not want to get involve.  They will not need their address as they immediately calls (Weber-Morgan Narcotics) Strike Force, and they go in and send in their informants.  Once the tipster, decided that they want to be bother by the law.  All they need to do is ype in “STOP”.  They will not be bothered anymore.