Presently Ios Is 50% Bigger Than Android

A potential to increase the number of smart phones users

If the present growth rate is retained by Google, the company can activate over sixty-five million Android smart phones in the next eight and a half weeks. According to a statement released by Apple during the last week, the iPhone App Store reached the fifteen billion download mark. The App Store boasts over 425000 applications and more than two hundred million iOS users.

Android devices witnessing a surge

According to Susan Wojcicki, the Google SVP and advertising chief said that the Android marketplace witnessed 250000 apps that were downloaded six billion times on over 135 million Android devices. The number of Android supported devices increased from hundred million to 135 million in two months. One of the primary reasons is the increase in the number of Android smart phones and tablets that were recently released. Since the tablets have not been a great hit, the growth has been driven by Android smart phones.

Astronomical increases seen

Larry Page, who represents Google, said that the Company was activating new Android smart phone handsets at a daily rate of 550000 devices. This implies an increase of approximately fifty thousand activations per day during the last two weeks. This shows astronomical increases in the growth rate of Android smart phone users.

iOS devices outnumber Android devices

However, the surprising factor remains that although, the number of Android smart phone users is increasing, and the number of iOS devices continues to remain higher than the number of Android devices. The difference is almost sixty-five million devices; iOS devices include iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch. Although the breakdown of phones, tablets, and media players is not properly defined, the number of iOS devices outnumbers the number of Android devices in every aspect.

Android to surpass iOS soon

Considering the current rate of 55000 daily activations is continued, Google is estimated to activate sixty-five million Android smart phones in the next 8.5 weeks. Assuming that no individual buys an iOS device, the number of Android devices will surpass the number of iOS devices in roughly two months. However, Apple has the opportunity to slow the growth rate of Android by announcing new hardware devices by September this year. The competition in the smart phone market is going to be very tough and close between Android devices and iOS devices during the fourth quarter of 2011. Experts believe that the industry is going to witness some exciting times ahead in the next few months.