PROCESSORS Will Get More Features

For a good or fast personal computer you need fast processor, because of CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT which process the data or instruction as well as which is given through input in the Computer. Many computer users are not aware of this recent technical development fact about CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT in these recent years. Not very long ago a chip set and a processor made for the core of the computer. But recent days CPU with more packed transistor is taking over the jobs, what is performed by the chip set. Many time selecting processor becoming secondary concern for the new buyers.

According to Martin Strobel the Intel spoke person frequency is not decisive factor for a processor since 2005. It is more concern about energy consumption and performance ability of parallel computing. But it is the most important factor for users. The top most CPU makers now days seamlessly integrate graphics processing unit with CPU. Intel has already given code name to this processing unit as SANDY BRIDGE.

Sandy Bridge is not problemfree this year. Design problem may exchange million’s of chip in this spring. But the problem has been solved, launching of i3, i5 and i7 sandy bridge version for sales. i3 have dual core processor, i5 have either dual core or quad core processor, and i7 have quad core processor. So you must keep your eyes on the processor cache size while you think to purchase a notebook. Strobel said that more bigger buffer that means the data processor could hold ready. Intel’s i3 belongs to 3mb cache, i5 have 6mb cache and i7 have 8mb cache memory.

If anyone plans to upgrade his old pc with a new processor, he must confirm whether the chip set and compatible base. Processors of AMD Fusion comes with FM1 base and for newer Intel CPU’s 1156base required. For a new mother board with a new processor you must consider from Intel or from AMD. USb3.0 connection has no match up. It also has to work like RAM.

The classic 3 part design of computer now slowly yield to 2 part design. The North Bridge and South bridge chip sets now accumulate in a one controller. It means that more and maximum duties going through the CPU’s.