Randi Zuckerberg Left Facebook

Social networking giant Facebook is once again in the highlight regarding their problem, but this time problem related to the Randi Zuckerberg.

The entire problem has occurred while Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of the founder and present CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, decided to leave Facebook in order to from a company. In this regard she also registered its name already – RtoZ media. But the main aim, which she declared, behind it is to help the existing media companies in order to improve social side of their business.

In her resignation letter she also mentioned the name of this website AllThingsD, there Randi also said that she had poured her heart into that company, but it was the high time to discontinue the work that he started with Facebook. So, she was going outside out side from Facebook.

Within the resignation letter she has mentioned “I have spent lots of years of my life in Facebook, here I have poured all of my heart and soul for developing and publishing this media industry forward in order to introduce different types of concepts around live, participatory viewing and social, that’s why this media industry can adopted by all.”

She mentioned “We already have made bulk of incredible progress, but there is still some that must need to be done on the other ways and I can make other ways to complete that work. So, it is the perfect time for me to move outside this social networking giant Facebook and to build a company for focusing on the existing trends being underway in the media industry.”

Now, this social networking giant Facebook has also confirmed hes resignation, but in this matter Mark Zuckerberg have not told anything personally on behalf of her departure.

Randi was with Facebook since its beginning in the year 2004, also he has recently nominated for an Emmy award on behalf of her work on the Facebook Live video streaming service.