Remarkable Gathering At Gitex Global Leaders Summit

All the people who are interested in each and every movement in the tech world definitely know that today morning is the witnessed of an important event in tech world and that is the Gitex Global Leaders Summit. The summit took place this year in Dubai. More than hundred senior ICT professionals were there to listen to the expert’s opinions.

The selected theme was the “Innovation in Leadership”. At the summit the entire tech world got to witness some motivating and encouraging addresses. Some of the main speakers were the respected president EMEA of Cisco, Mr. Chris Dedicoat, Mr. Rod Beckstrom, who is the renounced president and CEO of ICANN, Pranav Mistry and Giorgio di Paolo, who is the IT strategy leader of IGEM.

Mr. Chris Dedicoat’s address was quite inspiring. He told that advancement in technology in the modern world is very crucial, because it causes to keep up the progress of region based economy and it also fundamentally controls the organic growth and cost- efficiency.

Mr. Rod Beckstrom passed his lecture on the topic titled ‘generic Top Level Domains’ or the gTLDs. He asserted that the ‘Generic Top Level Domains’ could bring up a revolutionary change in the history of internet. He said that it was too much important for the Middle East users, because it could run in Arabic language and thus it could guide the industries of Middle East to boost their internet usages. He has also informed that the technology of gTLD was in its way of processing since a long time.

Mr. Pranav Mistry pleased the audience with the news of their new human data transfer technology Sparsh. He informed the audience that the users of that technology could be the part of the data transfer.

There were many more stars of tech world too. They announced their upcoming offerings and demonstrated them.