Research In Motion Second Fiscal 2012 Results To Be Out On September 15, 2012

Research in Motion, the creator of BlackBerry smart phones and gadgets, will report its results for its second fiscal quarter 2012 on 15 September 2012, according to company release. The results will be announced following the market closing. It has also been known that the company will hold a conference and telecast the results live on the web. The time scheduled is 5 PM ET. The call has been made available for access for all BlackBerry Playbook users through the gadget. Others can access it through their personal computers.

A website link has been provided for BlackBerry users for direct access. However, for those who miss the live telecast, a repeat telecast will be conducted on the same day at 7 PM. The numbers to be dialed for the live and repeat telecast are 1-877-974-0445 and (+1)416-640-1917 respectively. The pass code that has to be entered on dialing the numbers is 4466490#. The replay of the telecast will be available on the company website beginning from 15th September 7 PM until 12 AM on September 29.

The results that are being expected this time are positive. In the past few years, Research in Motion has looked a little down and unable to keep up with the rapid changes in the smart phone industry. While other mobile manufacturers have released new phones at regular intervals, Research in Motion has been sporadic. In addition, the techno-logic advances found in other mobiles are not quite satisfactory in the devices released by Research in Motion. Experts are of the opinion that the company got sidetracked in order to develop tablets and ended up neglecting the phone market. Owing to the recent downward trend of the company, experts were also of the opinion that BlackBerry smart phones are death. However, the company has proved the critics wrong by releasing a host of phones that have garnered much appreciation. The reason for the success of the new batch of phones is being attributed to the new operating system BlackBerry OS 7.

Stakeholders in Research in Motion have also been skeptic about the growth and revival of the company. The executives assured stakeholders that the company will show definite revival. While the acceptance of the new phones has shown light at the end of the tunnel, the company still has a long way to go before obtaining a significant market hold. Executives of the company have promised a super phone, which will surpass all smart phones in the market. The results that will be announced on 15th September will provide an outlook on the direction that the company is progressing in.