Researchers Have Made World First Smallest Battery

A team of researchers have now got success for making world first smallest batter, even it is too much small that can fit into a nanowire (a wire which thickness is much smaller than the wavelength of visible light).

Whatever it is, but after seeing it, only it can be said that it is such a battery which is too much potential to end up the poser of a whole generation of nanotechnology.

Under the umbrella of nanotechnology, people in these days are now building such kind of machines which can not be even seen. As an example it can be said the overall concept of tiny robots, which can even enter into a person’s blood stream and target the intruders or desired cells which has already made its position as one of the most promising application of the field. But the matter of jock is that, till yet it is existing as a theoretical concept only.

Though, that matter exists somehow, but in the mean of time that a team of researchers from Rice University have made this dream come true by inventing a 50 microns battery, usually which is the thickness of the human hair.

Before, making it the researchers of this invention have taken the help of a nanowire template followed by a thin layer of copper and filled them with the tin or nickel alloy in order to create the anodes. Thereafter they have used a thin layer of polyethylene-oxide gel which can even act as both in an insulator or an electrolyte in spite of the other nanowires. After that they have filled the reminder of those pores with a polyniline material for making cathodes and a layer of aluminum for completing the circuits.

In general an average nanowire is 150 micrometers thin, which follows that the complete battery is the 50 micrometers tall, so it is the complete inheritance of this nanowire.