RIM faces tough situation

BlackBerry users from Europe, South America, the Middle East and Africa have experience technical malfunction with their smartphones for a second day following an interruption of Internet and messaging services.

The new round of troubles on Tuesday concerned the BlackBerry’s trendy messaging service which was not fully working, with multiple users, who reports issues in sending and receiving messages.

Angry smartphone users posted their frustration on Twitter so that they could express themselves off.  They want to ask the company why they lost their messaging capabilities despite paying their monthly dues.

According to Rim, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, India, Brazil, Chile and Argentina got trouble in sending some message with their smartphone.

RIM assures their client that the problem would not last as they are working on the solution right now.

RIM got more than 70 million BlackBerry subscribers from all over the world the world.

The current round of technical problems occurs as shareholder Jaguar Financial Corp. (TSX:JFC) had put some pressure on the smartphone maker Tuesday.  Forcing the company, to either sell or split up the company and shake up the administration.

Vic Alboini, chairman and chief executive of Toronto-based Jaguar, said a total of 12 institutional shareholders, which includes Jaguar are requesting changes for the company. All the institutional shareholders possess around eight per cent of the BlackBerry maker’s stock.

Alboini noted that the other shareholders do not have the intention of revealing themselves to the public right now.

The head of Jaguar does not expect that the changes will not happen immediately.

He believes that choosing an independent chairperson to RIM’s board of directors can not be done immediately. He expects that it would take five of the nine directors in appointing a new chairperson.

He added that the technical problems that the company faces occur from time to time and would not change his mind about his campaign.

The problem with the messaging system of the smartphones occurs on Monday after RIM the service was fully operational.  Right now unexplained issue responsible for delays in subscriber services worked out.

However, problems continued on Tuesday with several European carriers reacting to customer concerns about the outage.

In Britain, Vodafone UK informed customers through Twitter that service was not fully reinstated. T-Mobile UK blamed the loss of subscriber service to a European-wide outage on the BlackBerry network.  They say it affects all mobile operators.

RIM faces a difficult obstacle as it has a problem with their service.  Smartphone users might leave them and go with other companies that can offer a service with no interruption.