RIM Slapped By Lawsuit Again – This Time from Dolby Laboratories

As to sound like a bad repetition, Research in Motion faces a patent dispute with the Dolby Laboratories.  The lawsuit alleges that the economic damage caused by the sale of unlicensed devices and tablets of BlackBerry playbook and a court order already barred the sale of two air gadgets. Dolby sued RIM for allegedly violating its patents by using High Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE AAC), which is international standard equipment. Dolby technology is the purpose of this standard. Using the system is more common in consumer electronics because of its ability to reduce the digital audio files from the first 10%. That is why; Dolby already has been become effective for convincing other smart phone manufacturers to license this technology.

RIM is no stranger to lawsuits for patent infringement. The company already has  supported them self over many years by companies like Good Technology and Handspring that eventually forced to license RIM’s keyboard, and NTP has also accused the company of violating its patented technology without email wire.

As trial Dolby, NTP lawsuit threatened to prevent the sale of BlackBerry handhelds in the U.S., but the case was settled then between the two companies in 2006 resulted in a payment of 612.5 million of RIM dollars plus potential future royalties. With increasingly competitive pressure mounting on Apple iphone and RIM Android Smartphone, the cause may provide consumers with Dolby yet another reason for the transfer of BlackBerry devices. In addition, severe weather because RIM just launched the first tablet, playbook.

To learn more about the Dolby press release. The hits keep coming from Research in Motion. The company has invested a considerable amount of money in the legal framework and that is the second problem Dolby added to the stack. In addition to prosecution for violation of patents, the company should be regarded as commonplace now the company also announced in May that he faces a lawsuit by a group of shareholders. RIM application and some of its officials made false and misleading statements about the economic situation of this company also its business prospects between 16 dice 2010-28 abs 2011.

There is no doubt that these investors were surprised by RIM’s financial results during this period, which had a negative impact on society stock. As the department of 52 weeks, it is easy to understand why, since the population reached more than $ 76 and a minimum of about $ 34. My money is on an early settlement by RIM with Dolby. RIM cannot afford the perturbation in the market, much less the weight of this trial will be held in the company and the sagging market.