RIM’s new offering of $100 free apps

There will be hardly any person on the earth who does not know about the massive outage of BlackBerry services in the last week. Because of the outage the BlackBerry customers became incapable of sending emails, browsing the web and using BlackBerry Messengers for up to three days. But the good news for the users and a breathe of relief for BlackBerry is that the problem has been fixed. BlackBerry was going to lose many of its users due to the outage. So for the adjustment and make the users happy RIM is bringing free premium apps of more than $ 100.

Through that offer users will be able to get a number of entertainment and productivity apps including the Sims 3, iSpeech Translator Pro, Shazam Encore, and Vlingo Plus: Virtual Assistant and many more. It has been declared at the company’s side that the users will be able to enjoy the benefits of the announced offer at the very end of the year. RIM has also declared that the enterprise users will also get free technical support of one month.

RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis appreciated their faithful users and their patience and said that the offer was a small token for them. On the behalf of the company he apologized to the users for the inconveniences caused to them last week and assured that they were working hard to make it sure that the users would not have to face any such problem in future.

But the company is still not sure that the offerings will be able to soothe the users. But they are still hopeful about the fact that step taken by the company at least will be able to increase familiarity of the users of the BlackBerry’s app store with 40000 apps available and 1 billion downloads till date.

However RIM has not yet declared any proper explanation for the outage.