Sage TV Acquired By Google, boosting Google TV

Universal search giant Google has recently acquired Sage TV, which is a company behind the Sage TV Media Centre. The Commercial Digital Video recording software requires the host PC including a hardware based TV tuner card which is now available for Windows, Linux as well as Mac OS X. But the details of this deal like how much Google have paid these 8 years older company have not give any details about that.

Now Sage TV software has integrated with the EPG or Electronic Programming Guide which can be updated via Internet. Not only that the program also provides a television interface for the music, photos and DVR based on the platform of Linux and Window.  Also the Media Center of the Sage TV records in standard MPEG2, but I am sorry to say that a built-in conversation failure to the transcode files can be occurred with the PSP, cell phone, iPod as well as other portable device.

As we reported earlier that Google partners are having troubles by publishing Google TV, because lots of customers are finding the platform which are too much complicated to use. But it does not helps those of the others TV network which are blocking Google TV in the US.

Also Google is now planning for updating Google TV along with Android version 3.1 or Honeycomb, from the customers point of view this means that the Android Market is coming to a TV very near of them and for the developers this means that they are now being able to use one SDK in order to ship the application which work both on Android tablets as well as on Google TV devices. Moreover Google is now hopping that their promise for downloading and installing Android application will give them a new life. Existing Google TV devices will be getting this update for Android version 3.1 sometimes this summer. But Google have not clearly mentioned if some form of Sage TV technologies will be included there as an update or not.