Samsung Chromebook Series 5 Has A Got Specification Installed In It

Budget notebook always has good demand. But is it possible that an operating system be run based on a browser and more importantly will it be easier to handle than a windows operating system?

The question remains unanswered till the new Chromebook 5 that is launched by the giant in the market whose name is Samsung. It is the first notebook that is going to feature the he Google Chrome OS. It is primarily aimed at the students and other consumers who do not require much power. However among the notebooks that are available it is quite a high priced one to be fair.

The plastic lid has got a good stylish looks which is made up in solid Arctic White color 9 it is also available in Titan Silver) and at the center rests the logo of Samsung along with the signs of colorful Google Chrome. The whole system excepting the lid is deep black in color and looks very much elegant in all aspects from outside. The corners are also rounded to give a strong feeling and easier handling.

The 8.6 inches height, Chromebook fit perfectly in the shoulder bags, that people use and it is not of too much weight as well. Only 3.2 pounds make it convenient to carry when you are on a travel or going out of your residence or office for any purpose.

The keyboard is Chiclet style and is similar to that of MacBook but it is quite different in a few aspects as well. In the above the function keys are absent, where the web browsing keys are set up for better web experience. Surfing is really delight and typing speed is also very good on this keyboard.

The clickpad is perfect and multi touch option can be easily obtained. The responsiveness is accurate and quality should never be even talked about. No film or anything like that develops on both keyboard and clickpad.

Due to the lightweight Operating System and high speed Solid State drive the booting up has come up as a plus point for the Samsung Chromebook. The speed is really fast where the boot up time is less than even 10 seconds.According to performance the 1.66-GHz dual-core Intel Atom N570 CPU combining with 2GB of RAM and also a 16GB SSD hard drive gives steady speed and though it is not lightning fast it is quite standard. The battery life is long and extends up to 8 hours at a stretch.