Samsung Debut Solar-Powered Netbook From Early August

You shall be very glad to know that the solar-powered NC215S is making the trek to Russia with a debut which has slated for early this August, though the most of the design of its is borrowed from the same formula which we have seen repeated countless since the period of 2007. Moreover the Samsung NC215S also associated with solar cells, which are to the top of the lid. At a press release Samsung demand that the entire system can run for near about one and half hour for every two hours of recharge period in direct sunlight.

Which is probably not enough juice for keeping your afloat during any of the serious computing stint, due to this Netbook is also equipped along with a six cell li-lon battery that offers the battery life up to 14.5 hours. As we imagine that it is a best canes scenario as well as your result which will vary along with the screen brightness that can cranked up during the outdoor sessions. Moreover the Samsung says that the 1024 x 600 pixel and 10.1 inch display also associated with LED backlight as well as 300 nit brightness, which can be say near about 50% brighter than the most Netbooks.

Also this beautiful device has packed up with couple of beautiful hardware including 1.66 GHz Intel Single Core Atom N455 or Dual Core N570 Pineview processor, an integrated GMA 3150 Graphics card, 250 GB or 350 GB hard disks, 1 GB RAM and different types of connectivity solution including VGA output, three USB 2.0 ports, 4 in one card reader, Bluetooth and many more.

As Samsung declared, that the weight of the NC215S will be 2.86 lb and the price of it will be approx $497.