Samsung Finally Won Over Apple in Australia

In recent time Cupertino based tech giant Apple and The South Korean tech giant Samsung have been engaged in battle regarding the patent issues. They have faced a number of battles in which Apple has surprisingly won a huge number of cases over Samsung. However in last one or two weeks there were no new update of their collision but now there is news that the Korean Company has won a case over Apple in Australian court.

Yesterday the Federal Court of Appeals relaxed the bondage over Samsung for selling Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in Australia. The court finally allowed Samsung to sell Galaxy tab 10.1 in Australian tech market. The court received number of votes in favor of canceling the ban put by Justice Bennett on 13th October 2011.

The new order will be valid from Friday 4pm or 05:00 GMT. Australian people will be able to purchase the galaxy tab 10.1 Tab from the Australian market after the aforementioned time. That is really a very significant, exclusive and equally crucial win for Samsung because first of all the Christmas time is approaching which will raise the demands hugely and secondly Apple was bagging numbers of wins over Samsung regarding the patent issue.

The Guardian quoted the panel saying that the decision of Justice Bennett was wrong because she failed to mention in the decision the potency of the Apple’s case. The evidences were not enough to prove Apple’s complaint against Samsung of stealing touchscreen patent.

The two giant companies clashed in nine different countries including United States, South Korea and Germany. In Germany and Netherlands Samsung had to modify their Galaxy tab 10.1 to dodge the ban. However the panel thinks that Apple’s claims are not worth of proving the claims to be legal enough.