Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 On The Way To Be Appeared

Samsung has spent the whole year fighting with Apple over patent issues. Apple has claimed that the Korean tech giant has copied their iphones and ipads into Galaxy series smartpho0nes and tabs. Samsung has suffered ban in place over the sale of Samsung Galaxy tabs. They even were forced to redesign their Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 in Germany to dodge the ban over the sale in the country.

Now the news of the two giant tech company’s fighting over patent issues is fading up but it seems that Samsung is still under the lime light. A new news is taking on the charge now and that is about Samsung’s planning to introduce their latest addition to the galaxy tab line up. According to BGR, Samsung’s latest Galaxy tab 11.6 will feature retina-display. It is their first tablet ever featuring retina display. The South Korean company is expected to launch the Galaxy tab 11.6 at the Mobile World Congress which is going to be held in February 2012.

The aforementioned tablet is expected to offer a 11.6 inch retina display screen with 2560×1600 pixel resolution which comes in almost 16:10 ratio. The galaxy tab 11.6 is designed with a thinner bezel design than galaxy tab 10.1 and that is why it does not look much bigger than 10.1 tab although it has 11.6 inch display.

The galaxy tab 11.6 is the first device from Samsung that will run the recently introduced Exynos 5250 dual core processor regulated at 2.0GHz. The operating system that the galaxy tab 11.6 will run is Android’s version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich mobile operating system. Another two features that the 11.6 galaxy tab will offer are the synchronization of media with galaxy Nexus smartphones and wireless docking to connect with AirPlay, TV etc. The other detailed specifications are not yet known. But it can be assumed that the forthcoming tab will start to feature from the point where galaxy tab 10.1 has stopped in terms of feature.