Samsung Hit By German Court Ruling, Has To Stop Sale Of Galaxy Tablets In Germany

In the legal war that has been going on between Apple Inc and Samsung with regard to the extremely popular Galaxy tablets, which run on Android. While the lawsuit was initially filed citing imitation of Apple iPad design for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the latest release Galaxy Tab 7.7 has also come under the ban blanket. These mobiles will no longer be eligible to be sold in Germany.This is the second such injunction that Apple has won in the European Union. Sale of these devices has been completely blocked. However, the ban came at a wrong time because there is a major electronics show coming up and Tab might not be eligible for sales. As of now, Galaxy Tab tablets have included a quotation saying that the devices are not for sale in Germany.

Apple has managed to secure a ban indictment for the new Galaxy tablet on the citation that the device bears striking resemblance to its predecessor and hence, to iPad. Apple has pointed out enough similarities between Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 7.7 for the court to ban the new release as well. When the ban was first brought about in the European Union, every country except Netherlands was under the cover. Later, the ruling was changed and the tablet became available in all countries except Germany, where he case was pending.

The claim by Apple was that there a serious breach of patent laws in the development of Galaxy since some of the technology used in terms of working and appearance were a direct imitation from iPad. Apple has also filed lawsuits against Android and since Samsung used Android for its device, it garnered irk of Apple Inc. however, Samsung has not accepted any of the allegations.

The ban can have a serious impact on the sale of Galaxy Tab since Samsung cannot display its tablet in Berlin Consumer-Electronic show. The gadget will now be pulled off the show. The news was confirmed by James Chung, who is a Samsung spokesperson based in Seoul. He also said that the company will adhere and respect the decision of the court. He continued that this ruling will no doubt hamper sale of gadgets in Germany. Samsung plans to put up a strong fight and appeal against the decision to protect its rights.

Samsung electronics is considered the biggest competitor for Apple. While Apple enjoys the top spot in the smart phone industry, Samsung comes second, followed by Nokia.