Samsung Never Wants To Acquire WebOS

Last month many rumor stated that Korean cell phone maker Samsung wanted to acquire WebOS, but at last in this month the CEO of this company Gee-Sung Choi has opened its mouth by saying “Samsung is not interested ever to purchase or licensing WebOS from another notebook maker HP.”

By keeping link with that fact earlier this week at IFA in Berlin, the CEO of this South Korean company have said that they will never seek such a deal as well as they have also claimed that acquiring a third party operating system from their competitor is not right at this moment for them.

Bloomberg report has stated “In this regard Samsung has not opened its mouth earlier, but in a press conference while a reporter questioned the CEO about this matter then as an answer he has cleared that thing.”

The entire thing was came in the entire limelight while last month another PC manufacturing brand declared that they wanted to spin off their WebOS business within this industry and its quiet true also, because after made that statement this pc manufacture HP was dropped their Touch-Pad price as low as $99.

But the main matter of thing is that this Korean manufacturer brand is already adopted a mobile Operating System named as Bada – as the company has said that they are now working hard to reach it to everyone heart. Also, last month in a press conference a team of researchers conducted by Gartner showed that Bada OS was at the fourth position with 1.9 precent of worldwide market share, which was just after Microsoft operating system.

Apart from that this PC manufacturer is now working hard on their new messaging application ChatOn, which as expected may launch any day. The company claimed that their, this ChatOn application must provide group messaging, one-on-one conversations, group chat as well as multimedia sharing across all platforms.