Samsung sold 5 million smartphone

Samsung revealed the Galaxy S II this year.  The unit went on sale in South Korea at the end of April, and by May, Japan and Europe has their share of the smartphone. Samsung claims that this unit has sold more than 85 million units within 85 days of being out in the market.  It means that there an average of 59,000 Galaxy S II sold daily.

Head of Samsung’s mobile communications business, JK Shin says since the launched the Galaxy S II in April.  The sale increases tremendously.

This week, Samsungs plans on unveiling the Galaxy S II in China, then launch it to the US by August.

Earlier, Samsung mentioned that they have plans on releasing the phone to 120 countries and is going to be delivered by 140 mobile carriers, as the company’s aiming to sell around 10 million units.  So far, the goal seems easy to attain since they have already sold half of target units they plan on selling this year.

The Galaxy S II is awfully thin at 8.49mm and takes advantage of the latest Super AMOLED-plus technology for its 4.27-inch display. It has quad-band GSM/EDGE and quad-band HSPA at 21 Mbps, Bluetooth 3.0 HS, GPS, Wi-Fi, and FM with RDS radios, and a dual-core 1GHz processor.

The S II’s main camera is capable of capturing 8 megapixels photo, full 1080p HD video and has auto-focus and a flash. The secondary camera has 2 megapixels. Media can be shared through DLNA, and the S II can be bought with either 16 GB or 32 GB of on board storage, added to a slot for micro SD cards up to 32 GB.

The S II manages Android 2.3 Gingerbread and includes a number of Samsung software elements, such as TouchWiz, Social Hub, Media Hub, Readers Hub, and Game Hub. The S II features a new, customize live panel that lets users pull down Web content, such as RSS feeds.

The device also has business-centric features, such as device encryption; Cisco’s VPN, WebEx, and VoIP software; and Sybase’s Afaria device manager. The unit comes with support for a near-field communication (NFC) chip; but, this option needed to be selected by network operators selling the device. There is a possibility that the U.S. network operators will ship the S II with NFC activated, especially since they have plans to deploy mobile payment services.

To date, none of the U.S. operators has announced to sell this phone, but it would not be hard to assume that it is going to be sold by the four key carriers.  The problem arises, by the time the phone goes on sale in the U.S., the unit is already six months old.