Samsung’s New Processor For More Speed And Power Saving

Samsung has introduced an all new mobile processor that comes with more performance offering and less power consumption than the former mobile phones that Samsung introduced. The Exynos 4212 is associated with 1.5 GHz dual ARM Cortex – A9 processing cores, which is an ideal processor for devices that require high speed in low power consumption. The new processor offers more than the Exynos 4120’s 1.2 GHz processor that is used in Samsung Galaxy S II. More than that the latest model offers a die shrink because of Samsung’s action of reducing the fabrication process from 45 nm to the HKMG technology of 32 nm.

The new SoC is expected to offer an upliftment of 25 % in CPU power, 50 % more fine 3D graphics performance and also consume 30 % less power. The chip presents codec accelerator that supports digital still photography, 1080p video recording with HDMI 1.4 support and an image processor. But there is not much information in the market about the GPU hardware.

Samsung has not yet announced exactly what kind of devises will be associated with the SoC processor, but the Exynos 4212 is expected to be inserted in smartphones sometimes around the next year. Samsung had announced the Galaxy S II LTE and the Galaxy S II HD LTE last week and these models are expected to have a 1.5 GHz dual – core processor.

The Exynos 4120 is also expected to be paired with Samsung’s new 1/ 2.3 inch 16 MP CMOS S5K2P1 sensor, which will capable the  device to capture 16:9 video at up to 8.3 MP@60 fps as well as 16 MP for pointing and shooting images at 30 fps. Samsung has also introduced a 64 GB flash storage module to be used in smartphones.