Samsung’s Upcoming Message Application Knocking At The Door

Great news for Samsung users all over the world. The Korean company has recently launched its latest app in market. They announced it earlier. The new app called ChatON, which is a messaging app is available in the Android market. It has been specified at the company’s side that the app is able to run on the mobile handsets that offer either Android or Bada. The mobile handsets that support Samsung features can also support the application stated above. Samsung has assured that the BlackBerry and the iOS devices will be able to run the application in coming future.

Before the release made by Samsung another giant company Apple released their iOS 5 and iMessage. These applications are tend to improvise the traditional style of text messaging service for users. Google also offers the users a different kind of messaging service. The service was called Huddle earlier. Now it is known as the Messenger. The users are using the old plain text messaging service for a long time. So make their work of messaging easier, less time taking and satisfy the creative minds of the users the companies are trying to introduce more and more outstanding features to it. Samsung has designed the ChatON messaging app with the ability of running on multiple operating systems. Users will only need to get their verification code from Samsung and then they will be able to use the app.

It has become a new trade for the Mobile manufacturing companies to offer one after one service with a gapping of very short time. So, almost every customer is nearly happy with the services of their mobile makers (‘nearly’ because the more we get the more we want). At the same time this brings a hard competition among these companies to fetch more and more customers. So it is time to just wait and watch whether Samsung’s ChatON becomes a successful app or not.