Sandy Bridge CPUs Of Intel – Coming To Rock

Processor giant Intel recently announced their brand new product the Sandy Bridge chips – which are coming out with 16 new clips as well as the company also declared that they will cut its price for the upcoming desktop lineup.

As the authority has announced from that of the 16 clips – 11 are specially designed for the desktop processors or LGA 1155 socket, but there the remaining five are specially designed for taking part into the mobile device.

As the company has stated it will come out with two different price ranges – single-core Celeron G440 will cost around $37 and quad-core I5-2320 will cost around $177.

Full specification of this product:

In the field of mobile world this brand new Core i7-2960XM is coming by holding the hand of a quad-cored chip, which HyperThreading clocked speed is 2.70GHz and a turbo option that can even lead it up to 3.7GHz.

The company also declared that their Core i7-2960XM processor will affect your wallet little bit, cause it will be cost around $1,096 – in a sentence this clip manufacturing company is specially designed it for high-end gaming laptops.

For the mobile lineup the company has also designed a Sandy Bridge mobile clip – which is a dual-core B840 Celeron processor and will cost around $86.

Along with the addition of these new clips, the company has also cut the price of its Core i5 processor around 6 percent that is earlier price of it was $306 and present price of it is $294. Thought, it is true that the price of the Intel products always exists at a high level, from that point of view it can be clearly said that the price of AMD based products is too much low.