SBS advises readers to run anti-virus

Yesterday, the online news site SBS, warns their use to run a virus scan on their computer, after a hacking attack occurred on their site.

SBS claims this is the first time that their site got infected with a virus.  This happens to common sites most of the time.

SBS got their programmers to resolve the issue early.  Their programmers quickly put a stop to the malware infecting their site.  Their digital team has worked day and night to resolve the problem.  There is an investigation going on to find out how it occurs and the steps that need to prevent such attack happening on the site again.

SBS encourages their readers to run their own antivirus program so that the virus would be out of their computers.

The company apologizes to everyone who got their computer infected because of visiting their site.

Security expert at Sophos, Paul Duckin suggested that websites should review the security protection measure, but also those coming from third-party providers as well so that their site will not get infected.  It involves web design, programs, web host, and last are the adverts as hackers put some malicious code on your site.

James Turner at Sydney-based IT advisory services company IBRS says the company, which experienced such website hacking would be embarrassed since they are running a serious business.

For business with websites, the experience is worse than any normal sites since they are going to lose subscriber to their site.  There is a tendency that the subscriber would just find another site offering the same news.  This result to the business loosing revenue as there would be less people to click on the adverts.

If this issue did not get address, more sites are going to get hacked, which would result to lose revenue for the webmasters.

If one is using Google for searches, then one would notice that there are some occasions that Google warns one of an infected site.  If would be wise, not to proceed to the site since it can spread the virus on your computer system.

Google claims SBS got listed for suspicious activity three times in just 3 months.

The search giant says that SBS got 25 page infected out of the 46 pages they run a virus test.

Hackers are so skilled now that they could even use adverts to get a site under their control.  These hackers often buy ad for companies they do not have an affiliation.  Although the ad are true, they have inserted the link with virus.  So whenever a user clicks on the adverts, their computer gets infected.