Script Kiddies acknowledged wrong message on Fox News Twitter account

Fox News recently posted that President Obama is dead.  It turns out that they are not the one who posted it since their account was hacked.  The false news posted on Fox News Politics twitter account, just around 2:30 AM, Eastern Monday time. Before taken out, the said tweet has lasted for five long hours.  The twitter account has more than 33,000 followers, and any false message posted on such reputable news network is going to be deemed true by many.  The group that hacked the twitter account quickly acknowledges that they are the one behind the hacking – the new group calls themselves Script Kiddies.

Huffington Post reports that before the group posted the message they have posted that the account was hacked.  The group even insulted the news network as it replaces the logo of fox News with their own logo, before posting some support to another group of hackers, Anonymous.  Afterwards, they decided to erase the first message and posted the terrible news about President Obama.

The group LulzSec inspired a new breed of hackers, Script Kiddies by their accomplishment.  LulzSec is the most famous group of hackers who decided to split up last month.  The new group Script Kiddies even boasted about their recent hacking, but Twitter has pulled the plug on their Twitter accounts.

The term Script Kiddies mean that the guy cannot program on their own; however, the group created new meaning for the term.  Now Script Kiddies refers to the group of hackers responsible for hacking one of the most trusted news network..

Think, the newspaper controlled and run by student recently spoke to one of the members of Script Kiddies.  The spokesperson for the group said that two of its member comes from the famed group Anonymous.  The spokesperson claims that they are going to take part in the new AntiSec campaign, on leaking documents that they stole from the government and corporate servers from all over the world.  On the last part of the interview, the representative said that they are going to insult Fox News even more and claimed that the site security seems to be bad.

It is unclear right now, if the new group are a group of terrorist that want to gain access to crucial documents or just a group of teenagers that does not know what to do with their life.

Fox News never mentioned the recent hacking on their homepage, but the site did mention that there was a false report.