Security Firms lurks inside hackers forum

For a long time now, IT security firm are always visiting hacker forums in an effort to know more about the new techniques that hackers are using.  By doing so, security firms are able to track down the people behind the security breach.

According to the Imperva’s fifth entry of its series of “Hacker Intelligence Initiative”.  It provided details about the information and  tackled in the wayward forum.  By lurking through the forum, IT professionals can discover about the technical aspect of the tools that hackers are using, data  bought and sold.

The only fault about the report is  only based on one forum,  Imperva believes that it is tone of the largest hackers forum in the world, it members estimated 250,000.  Most of the hackers that like to visit the forum are those who are new to hacking and professional hackers, who are enthusiastic enough in sharing their knowledge to the world.

Above all, the content Imperva discovered matches everything that would help beginners.  About two thirds of the content on Hacker Forum’s boards focused around three topics, resonating with entry-level hackers: “beginner hacking” (25 percent), hacking tools and programs (22 percent) and website and forum hacking (21 percent). Most of the topics that can be seen in the site are request from newbie asking about information on hacking.

The forum is also a mine for hacker groups as they are recruiting inside the forum.  There are some tutorials inside the forum where users can learn the basic and advance forms of hacking.

The report also implies that nestled in among the discussion chaff is an array of data on what sorts of attacks hackers are budding—although by the time they sort down to a public board like Hack Forum, they are likely already in regular use by cyber-criminals and security researchers.  The most popular hack topics are this topic that has something to do with old school (denial of service [22 percent] and SQL injection [19 percent], with spam has the third position at 16 percent).  Some of the other discussion those are available though hack forum are attacks on iPhone, Android, Nokia and BlackBerry. Imperva believed that iPhone is the favorite in hacker forums.

Some hackers, who want to prove how skilful they are joining a  site that would rank their hack.  The site is  Anyone who want to know how skilful they are rank inside the forum, there are some points  given to every hack that a user performs.