Security In The Cyber Must Be A Boardroom Priority

With the rapidly increasing of cyber crime the necessity of protecting corporate and personal data are now needed to be highly necessary at the board level where they should be which is the view of the chairman of the BT group Sir Michel Rake. Speaking at the World Cyber Security Summit he also added today that this type of threat must be extended to the governments. Also he described “With the help of the dependence we are now on the technology and a state could be absolutely brought to its knees without taking the help of any military action whatsoever”.

In this purpose he also made a reference to the last year’s Stuxnet attack on the Iran’s nuclear program and also said “It is less risky than any kinds of military action just to send a worm into the nuclear facility”.  
Matt Bross the CTO of the Huwai telecoms technology provider described that day by day our life are becoming more dependent on the technology, so the risks regarding this are now increasing day by day by lips and bounds. He also said “We all should need to experience a crisis in the infrastructure were we have to depend on and we’d see a crisis that would make this reason like a child’s play”.

Also he added “The problem has now become too much worst with the rapidly increasing of the software based system, so, we all have to move towards a purpose built hardware systems from the software based systems.” He thinks that it may make those systems too much responsive than earlier, but don’t forget beside that it has also increased the total ability to insert those threats into those infrastructures.