SEO Companies are spamming Google +

Google + has grown fast since it got launched in June.  Now, it has more than 20 million users worldwide.  SEO companies are using Google + to make money by offering their services on SEO.

SEO Companies such as is now selling packages of Google + 1 on their site.  The packages range from 50 +1’s for $10, 250 +1’s for $30, and 2,000 +1’s for $170.  The site tells everyone that the 2000 +1’s is demand. So far, it has concealed itself from Google.

SEO companies have being selling social service since Facebook and Twitter has their friends and followers respectively.  For a minimal price, one would see their friends or followers increase.

Back in March, Google already announced the existence of + 1.  This is the company’s way of competing with Facebook’s  “Like” button.  When users “+1” a page, they are telling their friends that they like it and thus recommends it to them.

Before, Google + 1 only appeared on Google, but soon it had been available on the entire web.  This indicates that Google is ready to use “+ 1” data to tweak the ranking of a site.  The company’s intention is to stay current with the latest news.

SEO Shop says that the users giving their clients “+1” comes from real people, which are using different IP’s.  The “+1” are going to be spread for several days, so it would be harder for Google to detect legitimate “+1” from the company generated “1”.

How Plussem does it?

It is still unclear on how the website does what they promised, but there is speculation that the site is paying people from third-world countries with access from the Internet.  Although, this is just a speculation, I believe that this is just the answer that we seek as it would explain the different IP’s.  I know the existence of such service since I had done it, when I was just starting out with making money online.

If there are no companies that would pay for such service, SEO Shop would not dream of doing some shady things.  SEO Shop just wants to cash in over the success of Google +.  With the introduction of Google +1, the social site gives way for companies such as SEO Shop to make money from them by playing with the recommendation system.  +1 plays a crucial role in the Internet trends, which is valuable for websites.

If Google could not put a stop to this, then they can assume that their +1 will end up like Digg’s dig button and other recommendation system that other social sites are using.  SEO companies are going to spam this service.