Share Wi-Fi Internet Along With LAN Users

Do you know Windows 7 allows user to share their wireless internet access easily specially to those who are on their wired internet as well. Even if you know that then also does not have any problem. Just follow the rest article carefully you can easily perform that.


But before doing anything first you have to make sure that you are connected to both the Wi-Fi and LAN networks. Once you have done that just follow the following steps well you can easily do that and it is so simple:

  1. Do right click on the Connectivity icon. You can found that on the system tray, also you can easily browse that from the control panel and then Open Network and Sharing Center.
  2. Just make a right click on the Change Adapter Setting that is situated on the left side panel of that screen.
  3. Do select your Ethernet Adapter.
  4. Next do right click there.
  5. Next move your cursor towards Properties tab and select it.
  6. Again right click on the Sharing Tab.
  7. Now do Allow the other network Users to connect through the computer internet connection.
  8. But keep one thing in mind in this purpose you may allow or not allow other user to control your internet connection, because it depends entirely up to you.
  9. After finishing the work on the above step just click on the OK button.
  10. Now you have to assign your IP address.
  11. Type there.
  12. This above step is very helpful to replace any other previous enter IP address.
  13. Also if any other user who uses LAN and who wants to access the shared internet connection have to give their IP address like in the place of TCP/IP 4 configuration.
  14. If you do the previous carefully you can easily access as well as share your Wi-Fi internet access.
  15. So just try it today at home and enjoy.