Siri Becomes Out Of Work In US,UK

Siri, Apple’s all new voice assistance feature, is reported to having problems over this weekend. Many users have reported internet connectivity problems of Siri. And many other users reported other assistance problems including failing to work according to request. Complaints began to appear on Twitter from the last Thursday. According to these complaints not on any particular time, but whenever the users tried to use Siri they faced those problems.

For functioning Siri have to depend on Apple’s server. After receiving a request Siri directly connect to that server then the data center there successfully process the voice requests forwarded by Siri. That is why Siri have to depend entirely on internet connection and whenever the internet connection goes down Siri loses its work ability. Without internet connection Siri in so useless that it can’t even serve basic purposes like creating a reminder.

The outage problem first occurred at the first half of October. Since then the problem is carrying itself. But the company has not yet delivered many explanations for the outage. But you can find a long discussion thread of 19 pages on that problem on the support community of Apple. Already 28000 readers, who searched for assistance, have read it. However one of the users have mentioned that according to Apple’s help line the problem is not very serious; it is just because of server problems.

People in United States are suffering from this problem most although the people in United Kingdom are also suffering. But the difference is in US people are suffering from this problem permanently unlike the people of UK.  Except from the Siri issue many complaints have been raised against iPhone 4S, like its battery issue or the camera issue. However Apple has assured that these problems will be solved shortly.