Skylab Is Going To Crush Over The Earth’s Atmosphere

Again a Skylab is going to crush over the earth’s atmosphere today i.e. Friday. This same incident occurred many years back when NASA sent their Skylab in the universe. Today’s Skylab is also sent by NASA named ‘Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite’ (UARS). At that time the mechanical parts of that Skylab has not been working properly which was almost similar dimension of 9 floor building, as per NASA’s information. It was said that the huge Skylab was coming at that time with greater motion towards our earth and no one knows when, where in a city or a village or in any ocean it would fall. NASA Officials could not give any such right information about that. At last in 11th July 1979 the 84ft long & 22ft breadth Skylab fall over the Indian Ocean ranging a vast area over the ocean. Few broken parts also fall over the inhabitat land of Australia.

Very few of the people were lucky to see those things which they even cannot forget it today also. After long 32 years this same thing is going to happen it today. UARS having a dimension of like a bus weighing 6ton is coming towards us. According to the NASA officials it will enter our earth’s atmosphere at the end of September or on the first week of October. But due to increase in the solar activity of the sun it is likely to come at the end of this week. The rate at which it is rushing towards us has increased much more than before. But the main question is not the rate but the time and the place where it will fall. NASA scientists cannot clearly state when it will fall and the exact location of its falling. Although there are so may advanced equipments and tracking devices but it is useless to have all these things as it cannot track the Skylab because it is out of control of NASA.

UARS has been revolving around our earth for around 20 years to look over the atmosphere and the air of our earth. According to NASA officials it will turn into a fire-mass after getting in contact with the earth’s atmosphere. After that it will break into 26 small pieces and it will fall in any region over the West from North Canada to South America. They also assisted common people that no harmful thing will happen. Accident emergency is only 1/3000 part. This is because when the broken parts will reach the land then it will be left with nothing as it will burn out completely. But they are not sure about this. So they warn people that if they see anything suspicious then they must call the police immediately and do not touch them. UARS cost almost around 7crore 50lakhs $. It was sent to the universe in 1991 to overview the Ozone-layer of our earth’s atmosphere, its life span was 3years. After working 11 more additional years when it is towards its end and it’s calling a new accident which is going to happen recently.