Smartphone Addiction Growing

Ofcom, the telecom watchdog has conducted a research in which they found that one third of the adults and two third of teens are extremely addicted to their smartphones. Today people are ready to exchange their donuts, coffees and even precious holidays for the right to use an iPhone at work. Children have even given up the activities which they used to do traditionally. A large percentage has reduced the time for which they watch television. 15% of children now read fewer books as they are highly addicted to their smartphones. More than two third of the teen population and almost half the adults admitted using their smartphones even while they were hanging out with friends. Few people are so addicted to them that they use their phones even during mealtimes. Almost 50% of teens confessed of answering or using their phones while in toilet.

As compared to 18% adult population, 27% teens admitted using their smartphones at places where it is prohibited to use phones, such as cinema halls or libraries. This is an issue which makes the adults angry and the kids definitely do this. This addiction is not restricted to kids only, even employees say than they are willing to shun all social courtesies in order to worship their smartphones. One in every 10 employee even admitted to updating their Facebook accounts during meetings. They update their status or comments on their friends’ status. Earlier during boring meetings one had to either doodle or stare at the ceilings. But now people keep themselves busy with their smartphones and avoid the boredom. Now it is on us to decide, whether smartphones are harbingers of the end of civilization or are a tool to remove the dull moments from our lives. Smartphones have definitely helped people in staying connected all the time.

But the addiction has become severe. From kids to adults, people of every age group are addicted to their smartphones. Earlier people used one free app a day but since the addiction has grown so now people don’t mind spending a few bucks in purchasing the apps. Smartphones have become a very integral part of one’s life and living without it is almost impossible for few people. People are ready to give up on many other luxuries to enjoy the right to use iPhones whenever they wish. Dinner tables, toilets, libraries, etc. people use their smartphone at almost all places.