Smartphone war got halted by death of Steve Jobs

Both Samsung and Apple delayed their smartphone war as they pay respect to Apple’s co-founder’s death.

An unconfirmed private funeral is currently undertaking for Steve Jobs.  Apple implied that there are no public funerals.

People affected by the death of the Apple co-founder have made pilgrimages to Apple stores, the company’s Cupertino control center, and even his family’s two-story brick home in an old section of the Silicon Valley city of Palo Alto.

Apple security and local police have circled the house, they have cleared the way for dark vehicles, which bear flowers or friends to pass the barricaded intersection and into a driveway of the corner property.

On the far corner, of the slate-roofed house is an apricot orchard.

Jobs bought the next-door property a long time ago.  He had the house knocked down so that they could put in a swing set for his children and an apricot orchard as he so loved the fruit, as told by his neighbors.

Judith Sallot says she wanted to do something for the CEO of Apple.  Sallot admitted that she did not know how to operate a computer until she got her own iPhone.  Jobs made it all easy for the computer illiterate people to operate a computer.

A bunch of apples, each apple  bitten once to resemble the logo of the company can be seen in the funeral.

On the other part of a low wooden-post fence lining the front yard, a small apple orchard loaded with fruit standing in a sea of orange poppies.

Pictures of Jobs attached to the fence, together with messages such as “Often imitated, never duplicated.”

One of the neighbors, who can only be identified through her first name, Karelle says they are sad to the sudden departure of their neighbor.

Karelle and other, who attended the private funeral, had taken a picture of the said event.

On Friday, Samsung and Google had postponed the press event for their product.

According to the official blog of Samsung, this is not the right time to introduced their smartphone to the world.  They promised that there would be another launch date for their product.

Everyone is anticipating the unveiling of a Galaxy Nexus smartphone powered by the about to be released version of Google-backed Android software and designed to contest market-leading iPhone.

Postponing the introduction got perceived a temporary truce to honor the death of Jobs, who died Wednesday at the age of 56 after a long time battle with cancer.