Software Can Detect Dangerous Crowd

Approx all of us are now facing a trouble in our daily life regarding crowed. So, day by day we are getting unsecured also due to the matter of security. In this situation few scientists have now started to say that they have built up a new type of software, which is quite potential to detect those areas where crowds are starting to build up.

On the other hand if we notice it carefully then we can find that it will too much be able to help the security professional to take extra protection before building up a stampede strikes, in general created by the too much crowed.

In this regard a well known journal has reported that Barbara Krausz, an Information System engineer from the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis in Sankt Augustin, Germany has developed this new type of system in order to protect people while they are going through a highly congested area. Though, at present it is still in observation but he demands that this software will guide them while they should go slowly and while not.

This software checks the video footage of an area all the time and their after analyzes those frame to frame movement of pixels before making its own decision. If any symmetrical movements happen here then it will indicate for a congestion problem at that area.

Though Krauz is still expecting that in future, in the future version of his software he will be able to add such feature which can run in the crowed situation in order to aware the best course of its action, including the opening of a gate at a given location.

This Advanced Video and Signal-Based Surveillance will appear in the conference in Klagenfurt, Austria at the beginning of next month.