Some innovations on the car

An accident is almost part of the daily lives of a car owner; this is the reason why some people tend not to buy their own car.  They are much safer if someone will drive them than to drive their own car.  Toyota could be the answer to your problem.

Currently, Toyota is on the work on some renovation that would improve the safety of cars in the street.  Car owners would never need to get their own driver. The car itself is better than the private drivers that they are going to hire.

If the car slows down and stops automatically upon detecting that there is an object is already familiar to one, then this would be much farther than that.  Toyota’s current pre-collision system incorporates a steering-wheel feature.

The new car uses cameras and super sensitive radar called “millimeter-wave,” both gadgets can be found in front of the vehicle.  The feature mounted in front of the car making detection easier. The car then stays away from crashes such as a car or pedestrian crossing the road.

Chief safety technology officer Moritaka Yoshida says, that the automobile then calculates the needed force on the brake and steering wheel that should be applied to avoid a crash.

Yoshida told reporters that people must learn from past accidents and keep on improving the car.

Yoshida say that the feature can be soon seen on cars running on the streets, but did not say when the exact date is.

People are getting excited over the new car, and this would create demand.  By the time that the feature released, it would make a trend for those who can buy it.

Toyota claims that they are just aiming for the good of people driving a car.

Since the invention, of safety features on car, fatalities are slowly decreasing.  However, death in the pedestrian lane is still there.

Toyota believes that protecting the pedestrian is the key.

Toyota shares some innovation that they have created on trying to perfect.  Such innovation would soon be part of the car.

First on the list is the pop-up hood, which rises slightly in a crash, It lessens the impact on a pedestrian as they get hit by a car.

Blocking one part of the rays from high-beam headlights to give way for the driver to see what is up ahead. This would be done automatically as headlights would appear to be on low beam to the driver in a car coming from the other direction.

The last on the list is the steering wheel, which has the capability to measure the heart rate of the driver.  It lessens the incident where the driver gets a heart attack.