Sony Introduces the New Playstation Home

Director of PlayStation Home, Jack Buser said during one of his interviews, 2008 when Sony first introduced Playstation Home to the world, functioning as a virtual world where almost 23 million registered users interact with each other.  However, users have turned to using social games and left Playstation Home.  In an effort to compete with social games, Sony realizes the need to evolve the PlayStation Home into a place for gamers to both meet people and play social games.

Buser noted that this is a tremendous leap in the development of the platform.  Sony is planning to level up games as the heart of PlayStation Home.  It would mean that even the Playstation Home is going to become a game.  The first thing that a person would see in Home is a game.

Dean Takahashi of Venturebeat is one of the lucky one, who has access to the Home, when he attended the E3 video game trade show in June, and it has been tuning the experience ever since.  The new project concentrates on Home’s strength: a main group of hardcore gamers who has the same liking in games.  By providing the gamers with an even intense game feel inside Home, Buser hopes that Sony manages to grab the attention of gamers for longer periods.  Despite the fact, that this age  filled with distractions coming from Iphone, Twitter, Facebook, and even from Xbox Live.

The new adaptation of PlayStation Home  set to arrive this coming fall. One of the notable changes is that Sony is going to include large-scale group games inside PlayStation Home.  Home Currently acts as a virtual world where users are able to wander through attractions and buy from stores with their avatars.  The central plaza of Home is now going to be replaced by an advanced transit place called The Hub.

The Hub put games, quests, community events and user-generated matter together. The feature is an addition to conventional Home contributions such as navigation, shopping, meeting people and viewing entertainment.  Inside the hub, the users are free to look at an activity board so that they could see the various games in the advancement and missions, which they might fulfill.  Aside from what already been stated, the gamers also has the capability  to create their own events where they could invite their friends.

Once inside the Hub, the players are able to teleport immediately into free games.  In the continuously-changing districts, users have the option of finding games that match their needs. The purpose of Home is to connect players with games they wish to play.