Sony Playstation Vita to Come out Next Year in US and Europe

Playstation enthusiasts who have been waiting for the next games console will have to wait until 2012 for the new release. Sony officials made an official announcement that the hand held console will be made available in the United States and Europe in 2012. the announcement was made by Kazuo Hirai, the Executive Vice President of Sony Corp. he also said that the next generation playstation will be available in Japan this year. Playstation Vita can be got off the shelf in US and Europe in the initial months of next year. The exact date or month has not yet been confirmed.

The vice president, Hirai, said that the postponement of release was not actually a delay. He said that the company required a little more time to add more features and pack more games in the gadget. The new playstation is expected to have much more to offer to its followers this time over than the previous times. The games library is being enhanced, according to the release by Associated Press. However, all those who have been eagerly awaiting the playstation for enjoying the holidays during the Christmas season will be in for a major disappointment. The gadget will also probably have lower sales due to the post-holiday release. Although Hirai did mention that the device would be available in Japan this year, there are rumors that the gadget will miss the holiday rush in Japan as well. The rollout date is yet to come out for Japan as well.

All those expecting a price reduction on the new playstation due to increased competition in the industry will be in for some disappointment since the vice president made it very clear that price slash is not in Sony’s scheme of things. The main competitor of Sony playstation, Nintendo 3DS recently reduced process on its games. With an indirect reference to Nintendo, Hirai said that Sony sees no reason to reduce costs just because some other company has adopted the strategy to increase sales. He said that the Sony gamer is affordable and did not require slashing more rates. He also said that the gadget packs so much more features this time. The chief features of the next generation playstation vita are motion sensitive controls and innovative touch-interface, to name a couple. Despite the upgrades, the price has been fixed at $249 for Wi-Fi enabled model in US. For the gadget that hosts 3G network, $50 has been added and costs $299.